Senior Library Advisory Council READ Posters and Profiles

Adell C., Senior Advisory Council Member

Adell Campbell is a long-time advocate for people with disabilities and older Americans. In 2008, she was named Outstanding Advocate for Older Americans by the Area Agency on Aging and the United Way of Tarrant County. Her list of awards and recognitions for a career devoted to advocating for others is a long one.As a member of the Senior Library Advisory Council, she has assisted with providing ideas and connections to help provide services for those with low vision.

Ron Clegg, Senior Advisory Council

Ron Clegg brings worldwide perspective to his work on the Senior Library Advisory Council and to his many other volunteer efforts. Throughout his career, including 34 years with Bell Helicopter, he traveled extensively and lived abroad for a total of almost 12 years in Vietnam, Iran and Saudi Arabia.His work was in the financial field, most often as a negotiator on international contracts. In that work, it was essential to learn how to deal with different cultures. Ron says bringing in humor was often effective. He believes it was good for his five children to be educated in different parts of the world to learn to appreciate other cultures and speak other languages.

Lucille H. Senior Advisory Council

Dr. Lucille Howton may be best known around the library for the great jokes that she tells. She always has a good one for anyone who takes a moment to listen. She is an avid reader and is at the library frequently, sharing her humor and spreading smiles.Dr. Howton became a member of the Senior Library Advisory Council in January 2012, following a nomination for the post by library staff. Since then, she has contributed to discussions and projects designed to develop and improve library services for seniors in our community.


Laura Lace is a retired school librarian with Fort Worth and Arlington ISD, AISD Education Foundation Coordinator, and current director of St. Alban’s Episcopal Church Bookstore. She brings a wealth of experience in public service and a spirit of volunteerism to her position on the Senior Library Advisory Council.

Ron Weatherill Senior Advisory Council

Ron Weatherill was born, raised and largely educated in the West Riding of Yorkshire in the North of England. He attended Imperial College, London for a post-graduate degree in Petroleum Geology.He is an avid library user and has agreed to serve on the Senior Library Advisory Council. The Senior Council brings a wealth of life experience and a spirit of volunteerism to help create better library services and programs for the senior community in Arlington. We look forward to learning from Ron’s insight, experience, and wisdom.

Can Van Orden Senior Advisory Council

Carol Van Orden has been a member of the Senior Library Advisory Council since January 2012, and she is a regular Book Wrangler volunteer at the Woodland West Library. She is retired from Arlington Independent School District as a grants coordinator for special education programs. Here’s what she had to say about what libraries and books mean to her, and why she chose a special book for the READ poster:”One of my fondest childhood memories is the weekly arrival of the Bookmobile at our local country store. There wasn’t a lot to do out in the country during the 1950’s, so the books brought by the Bookmobile provided a welcome distraction. I believe the reading I did during those summers instilled a love of reading that continues to this day”

Barbara Tranksi Senior Advisory Council

Barbara Transki is a retired Naval officer who has had a lifelong love affair with books. When she was a toddler, her father wrote in a prophetic letter to his mother: “Barbara’s life is going to involve books. She carries several around with her wherever she goes.”

Barbara has volunteered for a variety of organizations over the years. Girl Scouts, American Red Cross, Employer Support for the Guard and Reserve, Arlington Parks, Texas State Parks and Wildlife, Texas Geocaching Association, and, of course, Arlington Public Library have all benefitted from her time. She is honored to be invited to join the Senior Library Advisory Council. The Arlington Public Library is lucky to benefit from her knowledge and experience.

Aubrey Peterson Senior Advisory Council

Aubrey Peterson didn’t go to the library as a child. In Corsicana when he was growing up, black children were not welcome in the library. His road to success began on the high school football field and he earned a scholarship to college when he was only 16 years old. As a student who was younger than most, he struggled to find his place in the college community. When he found the library, he was hooked. He visited the library every day and eventually began working there. Following college, Aubrey followed a career path with the Fort Worth Independent School District as a teacher, coach and administrator. He retired in 1989 as principal of Dunbar High School. Aubrey still visits the library frequently. Most mornings, he stops in at the Lake Arlington Branch to read the newspapers and visit with friends. He is currently a member of the APL Senior Library Advisory Council, helping to focus attention on library services to seniors in the community.

Shirley Patterson Senior Advisory Council

Shirley Patterson began a love affair with libraries as a child growing up in a small town in Iowa. “The most imposing building in town was the Carnegie Library,” said Shirley. “At the age of 10 I climbed up the many steps of the Library, and ventured inside for the first time. Ahhh, I felt at home! I fell in love with the atmosphere of quiet and peacefulness, and I was in wonder of the variety of books which I could read. Ever since that first experience, I have been a lover of libraries and its potential for life-time learning.Shirley went on to forge a career as a corporate librarian at LTV Aerospace in Grand Prairie. The engineers and executives at the plant relied on her to provide essential research for government contracts and important projects. She also worked for eight years at Tarrant County College. But if her head was involved with her work, her heart was in her home, and the historic Parkview Neighborhood surrounding it.

Shirley is also active in the East Arlington Renewal organization and has been a member of the Senior Library Advisory Council since 2012.