2016-18 Strategic Plan: Education x Experiences = Empowerment

The next three years will be vital ones for the Arlington Public Library and this strategic plan outlines the important work needed to get ready for a new era of library service in our city.

Before those three years are over, a new George W. Hawkes Central Library will open to serve the public and a new East Arlington Branch Library will be near completion. Both of these project are truly “game-changers” in library service for Arlington and the work within this plan will prepare us for the transformation.

orangetriangleThe Education Strategy

Early Learning matters

Serve as the foremost community resource for early learning information and programming for parents and caregivers.

Inspiring Critical Thinkers

Build programs and resources that encourage K-12 students to increase their knowledge and skills in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) disciplines through both fun experimentation and rigorous study.

Creating Opportunity

Provide a pathway of programs and resources for teens and adults that contribute to the academic and economic vitality of Arlington by supporting college exploration, career development, adult literacy and small business

Aspiring to Excellence

Strengthen the library’s organizational capacity through a culture of learning with an emphasis on marketing and branding as well as on customer service and technology. Provide an avenue to showcase the best practices of other Arlington organizations.

pinktriangleThe Experiences Strategy


Promote and support the enjoyment of reading for all ages by offering materials that are accessible in many formats and programs that engage avid and inspiring readers.

Create. Invent. Share.

Provide opportunities for citizens of all ages to create, explore and discover their own talents and to appreciate and enjoy the creative talents of others.

Connecting our Neighborhoods

Design facilities that serve as neighborhood anchors.

Discovering Arlington

Connect the pieces of Arlington’s history and diversity into a vibrant picture that establishes Arlington as a unique place in North Texas.


Benchmark Report

Benchmarking is a process by which performance or resource measures from an organization are compared to the same measures of other similar organizations. The results of the process can assist with making evaluations relating to efficiency and service quality, as well as providing data to make a case for increased resource allocation or service improvements. It also allows an organization to project how increases or reductions in resource allocations might impact service outputs and quality. Since library systems may vary in what services they offer and how those services are configured and funded, we acknowledge the difficulty of making exact comparisons from one library system to another. The data presented in this report allows us to see how our library system stands in relationship to its peers, both for purposes of performance as well as assessment of its financial resources.

Benchmark Report PDF 1.7 MB

Customer Service Survey Summary

The messages that we received during the planning process were strong, cohesive and also indicative of the results of the Benchmarking Report.

2015 Customer Survey Summary PDF 11 MB

Survey: What are we doing well

Survey: Community Challenges PDF 203 KB

Survey: Needs Improvement PDF 368 KB