See What We Did Last Year in our Annual Report

Don’t judge us by our cover: your library of tomorrow is more than just books. Do you know how much more? See our annual report below to get the full picture.

Every year we put on thousands of free programs; work with hundreds of volunteers; and see more than a million people in our branches. We always aim to support quality education and strong neighborhoods throughout Arlington. This year, with our new George W. Hawkes Downtown Library under construction, we’re taking on an even bigger task. With your help, we’re working to guarantee Arlington has modern, responsive library resources for decades to come.

Below, see some of the ways we’re working throughout Arlington. Click on the image to see a full-resolution version of the annual report.

The next few years will bring growth and exciting changes for the library, as well as all of Arlington. We’re thrilled to continue our work with our patrons and throughout the city.

Get Involved

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