Geocaching is Your New Favorite Hobby

Are you looking for a fun, inexpensive hobby—something you and your friends and family can do together? Then check out Geocaching!

Geocaching is a world-wide, high-tech treasure hunt. People using Global Positioning System enabled devices (GPS receivers and smart phones) hunt for hidden objects all around the globe. There are currently over two million geocaches hidden in parks, forests, and urban areas.

The game is quite simple: Sign up for a free account at, search the website for nearby caches, enter those into your device, and head outdoors to find the hidden “treasure.” Once you’ve found the cache, sign the log, replace the container, and share your experience online.

Geocaches will take you to parks around the corner, historic places, scenic spots, and sometimes even the Wal-Mart parking lot. The game lends itself to sightseeing and travel. Whether discovering new places in your hometown or traveling to far-away places, there are probably some nearby geocaches which will guide you to special spots not always on the tourist maps.

Larger caches usually contain small items for trade…take something; leave something. The thrill of the hunt and the fun of trading treasure is almost irresistible.

To learn more, join us at free geocaching classes this fall. If you’re new to the game, Intro to Geocaching is right for you. If you already know the basics, try Advanced Geocaching. Then, get searching!