Volunteer to Work off Fines: Give and You Shall Receive

Do you have fines on your library account? For a limited time, volunteer to work off your fines! We’re offering another session of our fine forgiveness program this fall. From Sunday, November 5 to Sunday, November 12, you can volunteer at any library location to have $8.00 per hour waived from your account.

Who can participate?

Any Arlington Library Card account holder can take part. You must be at least 14 years to volunteer independently, with signed permission from a parent. Children under 14 can volunteer if accompanied by an adult. You can even volunteer on someone else’s behalf. Library staff and their family members are excluded from this program.

What work do volunteers do?

Volunteers make our Library run! For this program, volunteers will work individually or in groups to organize shelves, clean books and toys, clean DVDs, wipe down surfaces, shred and recycle papers, and pull items from the shelves.

We don’t advise volunteering longer than 4 hours at a time. During this program, volunteers won’t be allowed to exceed 8 hours a day. You must work at least one hour to participate. Credit will not be given for time worked beyond the fines on an account.

What fines will be forgiven?

Only Arlington Public Library fines are eligible. Fees charged by our partner libraries (Mansfield Public Library, Kennedale Public Library, or any inter-library loan facility) are not eligible for this program. In addition, volunteer hours won’t apply towards item replacement costs, processing fees or collection fees.

How do you sign up?

If you’re interested, contact the supervisor at your local branch for more information. They’ll be able to tell you the tasks available from November 5 to 12, as well as help you schedule a time to work.

We have opportunities at every location, but positions are limited! If you want to join us, sign up now.