#APLRecs: Our Favorite Picture Books of 2017

We see a lot of books every year at the Arlington Public Library! 2017 is no exception. We’ve ordered items all year long and rushed them to the New Books shelf at your local branch. Sadly our staff doesn’t have time to read every single new book, but we do have our favorites. Keep reading to discover our staff’s pics for children. (Age ranges are listed as suggestions; look outside the box if one might be a good fit for a child in your life.)

Click the covers to find these titles in our branches, or place a request to have one reserved just for you.

Picture Books: Birth to Preschool

For Angliophiles, lovers of the classics, and bunny fans: A Christmas Wish: A Peter Rabbit Tale

“It’s Christmas Eve and Peter Rabbit is wide awake, listening out for Santa Claus. He hears all sorts of noises in the night, but none of them turn out to be Santa! Can Peter stay awake long enough to see Santa? A board book for the holiday season featuring a perennially favorite character.” — Librarian Karen

For toddlers who love dogs, colors, and looking at your Instagram feed: Let’s Find Momo

“Internet sensation border collie Momo hides within lavishly detailed, photographic spreads that also invite children to search for other hidden objects. Fun for adults and children alike with this mischievous canine’s antics.” — Librarian Karen

For budding birders who like a surprise at the end: Egg

“Three little birds crack their way out of eggs and fly away, leaving one egg sitting all alone until the three chicks come back and discover a surprise.  I really liked this colorful book with a unexpected ending.” — Librarian Dawn

For independent kiddos who love to do it themselves: Still Stuck

“While getting ready for a bath one evening, a little boy gets stuck in his clothes. He panics and starts to fear what life would be like if he never gets unstuck. This hilarious picture book shows a young boy’s feelings of frustration–and his determination to do things himself. Parents and children alike will identify with the scenario.” — Librarian Karen

Picture Books: Kindergarten to Elementary School

For anyone searching to find where they belong: Not Quite Narwhal

“If you like narwhals but also unicorns, this is like having the best of both worlds! It’s about a little unicorn that is raised with narwhals but never feels like he fits in because he is so small–until he discovers another creature that looks like him.” — Program Specialist Yuliana

For world travelers-to-be: This Is How We Do It

“This wonderful book follows the lives of seven real children from all over the world. I loved pouring over this book and seeing things like different types of foods these children eat for breakfast, what they do for fun, and how they get to school!” — Librarian Kayla

For kids who’d rather play than nap: Baby Bear’s Not Hibernating

“This is a sweet book about a black bear cub who decides to spend the winter with his friends Moose, Owl, and Hare rather than hibernating.  Includes facts about black bears.” — Librarian Dawn

For brave children ready to stick up for themselves: Super Manny Stands Up!

“I thought this was a wonderful story about courage. Manny loves pretending to be superhero and defends against a host of villains.  These games give him the strength to stand up to a bully at school. ” — Librarian Dawn

For train lovers: The Littlest Train

“After a toy train falls off a train table and gets lost in the outside world, he meets many different trains who help him along the way.  Will he find his way home?  A great book for anyone that loves trains.” — Librarian Dawn

We hope you enjoy these titles as much as we did! Read them to a special child in your life, then keep an eye out for our favorite books for older kids, teens and adults.