#APLRecs: Chapter Books and Young Adult Novels

We read some amazing books this year! 2017 had some great titles for older children and teenagers, including chapter books and young adult novels. Unfortunately we don’t have the time to read every single new book from this year, but we do have our favorites. Keep reading to discover our staff’s pics for chapter books and YA. (Age ranges are listed as suggestions; look outside the box if one might be a good fit for a reader in your life.)

Click the covers to find these titles in our branches, or place a request to have one reserved just for you.

Chapter Books

For readers finding where they belong and who they are: Amina’s Voice

“I loved this story because it focuses on the difficulties kids face when trying to blend in at school but staying true to who you are at the same time.” — Librarian Kayla

For readers who like to keep it brief: Flying Lessons and Other Stories

“This book for middle grades is a delight! It’s a collection of short works by amazing authors was edited by the co-founder of We Need Diverse Books.” — Librarian Morgan

If you like Raina Telgemeier’s graphic novels: Real Friends

“This graphic novel about the author’s childhood friendship struggles. When her best friend Adrienne starts hanging out with the most popular girl in class, Shannon questions with whether she and Adrienne will stay friends, and if she is part of the clique. Shannon Hale’s writing and LeUyen Pham’s illustration work together to tell the story of the joy and sadness on having and keeping friends.” — Librarian Dawn

For history and adventure lovers: The Eagle’s Quill

“This is the second book in the Secrets of the Seven series.  Middle school geniuses Sam, Martina, and Theo continue to follow clues and tackle a new round of puzzles, riddles, and traps to find the next key left behind by the Founding Fathers. This is a wonderful fast paced adventure story.” — Librarian Dawn

Young Adult Novels

For teens who have (or want!) a sense of family history: Wild Beauty

“The Nomeolvides women have been tending the grounds of La Pradera for generations, and for generations the ones they fall in love with too deeply disappear. When a strange boy appears one day, the women of La Pradera begin piecing together the mysteries of the land. This was such a vibrant and unique story!” — Librarian Kayla

For a look at America’s melting pot: American Street

“This book is about a Haitian girl and her mother who attempt to move to America together, but her mom is held back by Immigration & the main character has to live with her cousins & aunt alone. She has to acclimate to her new country and a family she never really knew.” — Librarian Morgan

For socially minded readers: The Hate U Give

“A powerful book a book about an African American girl who witnesses her friend’s shooting by a police officer. ” — Librarian Morgan

For court intrigue and fantasy fans: A Court of Wings and Ruin

“This the third book in this series and it’s soooo good. Basically read anything by Sarah J Maas. (While it is YA it is definitely for older teens. Surprisingly, there can be some mature content in these books.) Feyre returns to the Spring Court on a reconnaissance mission about the invading king. As a spy, the future of the entire kingdom may rely on her ability to play her part perfectly, and her decisions about who to trust and which allies are best will decide the outcome of the coming war.” — Program Specialist Yuliana

We hope you enjoy these titles as much as we did! Try them with a special tween or teen in your life, then keep an eye out for our favorite books for babies, younger children and adults.