#APLRecs: Fiction for Adults

This year was a great one for novels for adults! We found some amazing fiction stories in 2017, including mysteries, sci-fi, family drama, and more. Unfortunately we don’t have the time to read every single new book from this year, but we do have our favorites. Keep reading to discover some staff pics for fiction for adults. If you’re looking for gift suggestions this time of year, start with one of these books!

Click the covers to find these titles in our branches, or place a request to have one reserved just for you.

Novels for Adults

For friends who joke about going into business together: The Animators

“This adult novel is about two friends who become famous animators together and how their lives intertwine.” — Librarian Lisa

For Earthbending fans: The Stone Sky

“This is the final book in a powerful trilogy about family ties, oppressed classes, and what to do when the Earth itself wants to eat you. It’s some of the best sci-fi I’ve read in years.” — Librarian Allison

For animal lovers who have deep conversations with their pets: D’Arc

“A genre-smasher for anyone who likes noir, self-actualization, war stories, and talking animals.” — Librarian Allison

For history and adventure lovers: Little Fires Everywhere

“Realistic fiction set in suburban 1980s America. Lots of secrets! And lots of drama ensues when two unconnected families become connected through the adoption of a baby.” — Librarian Lisa

If you like top-secret, classified agencies in your fiction: The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.

“This book is NOT about the bird! I felt like it was fun with comedy, romance, military, and my favorite part – time travel.” — Librarian Melissa

For fans of The Great Detective: Body on Baker Street: A Sherlock Holmes Bookshop Mystery

“About a bookshop owner with keen observation skills, similar to the famous detective their bookshop is named after. This is a great new series of cozy mysteries.” — Librarian Linda

For anyone who wonders what librarians do in our spare time: Death in the Stacks

“Library Lover’s mysteries series – I love this series! ” — Librarian Linda

For friendship bread bakers: Sourdough

“Robotics programmer Lois Clary receives a crock of sourdough starter along with a CD of the music of the mysterious Mazg from immigrant neighbors when their work visas expire. This innocent gift upends her life and starts her on a new career path in San Francisco.” — Librarian Karen

We hope you enjoy these titles as much as we did! Try them yourself or give them as gifts this holiday season, then check out our favorites for babies, younger children, and older kids and teens.