Oscars Nominated Films Based on Books

And the nominees are…

On Tuesday, January 23, 2018, the list of Oscars nominated films, directors, actors and skilled workers was announced. Some of the nominees for Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Animated Feature are based on books. If you want to read the books these Oscar Nominated films are based on browse our catalog or click on the book covers below. Happy reading and good luck to all the nominees.




Mudbound: A novel
By Hillary Jordan
In 1946, Laura McAllan tries to adjust after moving with her husband and two children to an isolated cotton farm in the Mississipi Delta. – (Baker & Taylor)





Call Me by Your Name
By André Aciman
The sudden and powerful attraction between a teenage boy and a summer guest at his parents’ house on the Italian Riviera has a profound and lasting influence that will mark them both for a lifetime. – (Baker & Taylor)




The Disaster Artist
By Greg Sestero
Presents a humorous ode to cinematic hubris, discussing the story of the mysteriously wealthy misfit, producer, director, and star of the “The Room,” which later became an international cult film despite making no money at the box office. – (Baker & Taylor)




Wolverine. Old Man Logan
By Mark Millar (Writer) & Steve McNiven (Artist)
In a dystopic future California, Wolverine seeks to live in peace but is once again recruited as a mutant enforcer and battles super-villains including Kingpin, Doctor Doom, and Norman Osborn. – (Baker & Taylor)





Molly’s Game
By Molly Bloom
All bets are off in this insider’s story of excess, greed, and danger that follows the author, who, in the late 2000s, ran the highest stakes, most exclusive poker game in existence until it all came crashing down around her and she lost everything. – (Baker & Taylor)





The Breadwinner
By Deborah Ellis
Parvana, whose father was arrested by the Taliban, and whose family lives in one room of a bombed-out apartment building, must disguise herself as a boy to work and support her family. – (Baker & Taylor)






The Story of Ferdinand
By Munro Leaf
Ferdinand likes to sit quietly and smell the flowers, but one day he gets stung by a bee and his snorting and stomping convince everyone that he is the fiercest of bulls – (Baker & Taylor)






Boss Baby
By Marla Frazee
From the moment he arrives, it is obvious that the new baby is boss, and he gets whatever he wants, from drinks made-to-order around the clock to his executive gym. – (Baker & Taylor)