Capital Campaign Committee


Capital Campaign Committee

Sandra Brown, Honorary Chair
John & Mary Hibbs, Co-Chairs
Doreen Bruner
Brad Cecil
Erin Chaney
Carl & Lisa Cravens
Sissy Day
Michael Jarrett
Robert Johnson
Sarah Merrill-Young
Diane Patrick
Tony & Julie Pompa
Scott Reading
Judy Rupay
Tony Rutigliano

What Some of Our Capital Campaign Committee Members Say about the Downtown Library

Mike Jarrett - edited

Michael D. Jarrett

“Teresa and I are financially supporting the Dream: Central Arlington Capital Campaign because of our lifelong love of reading and a desire to improve literacy. Having a vibrant, state-of-the-art central library for Arlington is essential to maintaining and improving the quality of life in our community.”


Bob Johnson

“The new downtown library is an exciting new project for Arlington and critical to our entire community. We want to take this opportunity to create a great central library.”


Carl Cravens

“Arlington is America’s Dream City. What an exciting time to reinvent a place where people can gather to learn, interact, and most importantly, Dream. A community’s central library reflects the citizens’ outlook on opportunity and their support for exploring new frontiers. We will all benefit from this state-of-the-art facility for generations.”

Sarah Merrill Young

“I am thrilled to be an active participant in the new library for Downtown Arlington. This structure will be more than a brick building, it will be a thriving meeting place for all Arlington has to offer. Education will be its key component but it will offer a much-needed social scene right in the heart of downtown!”

Tony Rutigliano

“The new downtown library is a very important part of our revitalization efforts, and will play a significant role in setting the stage for future development. It is going to be a wonderful gathering place for our community!”

Sissy Day

“The Downtown Library is important to Arlington because it is a major investment in our quality of life and educational opportunities for our community. The Library’s planned resources and services are vital to Arlington’s future. The Library will continue the efforts to revitalize Arlington’s downtown area and stimulate economic development.”