School Visits or Group Visits

School visits

Schedule a visit from an Arlington librarian!

If you are interested in having somebody from the Arlington Public Library visit your school, please contact us. We offer a variety of options for visits that include:

  • Classroom Visits
  • School Assembly Presentations
  • Database Demonstrations
  • PTA or Parent event demonstrations
  • Library Card Sign ups

Bring classes to the Library to explore and discover!

Are you a teacher or group leader that serves Pre-K to 12th grade children? Schedule a visit to the library! We love letting children know that reading is important as well as getting the opportunity to provide information about utilizing library resources and services in order to promote lifelong learning.

Field Trips Include

School visits to the Library is free and includes variety of activities that get students involved, actively learning, and having fun at the Library! Class visits are specifically designed to be age appropriate while simultaneously fitting student interests and educator content requests.

Field trips may contain

  • Welcome and Introduction to the Library
  • Library facility tour
  • Age/interest level appropriate activity, craft, or storytime
  • Library behavior, materials, and resource instruction
  • “Browse and Borrow” (when students can use new Library cards)

Schedule a Field Trip

Contact us for information about guided tours or to schedule a special visit at any one of our libraries.

All requests are on a first come, first served basis and are subject to availability. Although every effort is made to accomodate all requests, please submit your request at least two weeks before your event to better ensure availability of staff.