Community Partnerships

Supporting quality education in Arlington means so much more than just providing great materials to our residents. By forging connections with other organizations and individuals in the local community, we are able to provide educational programs for patrons from all walks of life, in the library and beyond.

Early Learning matters

Early Learning Matters

Early Learning Matters is a workshop series provided to Arlington Independent School District to help families foster early literacy skills that children need to become strong readers and lifelong learners.Young children who are consistently exposed to reading, singing, and speaking, are more likely to be school-ready and successful in the future. Parents are a child’s first and most important teacher in life.

Life through Literacy picture

Life Through Literacy

Arlington Public Library’s “Life Through Literacy” program was created specifically to aid teenage parents in the Arlington Independent School District. These student participants are taught that reading, singing, and speaking to their babies will better prepare their children for school and work in the future. The goal of this program is to educate these teen parents on how best to teach literacy to their children so that their babies can grow up to be successful.

Stories to Our Children photo

Stories to Our Children

The gift of sharing stories creates lasting bonds across generations. Through the Stories to Our Children project, parents were empowered to write their own stories of life experience, passing on family and cultural traditions to provide a window from the past to the future. Participants attended a series of five writing workshops, in which they wrote, illustrated, and refined their stories. The goal was to support the role of mothers and fathers as the first and most important teachers.

The University of Texas at Arlington and the Arlington Public Library collaborated to make Stories to our Children 2015 a reality. Faculty and students from UTA’s Department of Modern Languages contributed many hours of planning, teaching and editing assistance.

Teen Improv photo

Teen Lit

Led by the creator of the DFW Brave New Voices Youth Slams and “Poetry Slam Master” himself, Mike Guinn, this workshop aims to empower teens through poetry and spoken word through the use of a literacy-based curriculum that combines classical literature and spoken word.

A participant of the last Teen Lit Poetry Slam workshop said, “The program gave me inspiration to write more about my true feelings and to be more outspoken in life.” We look forward to seeing what will be created this go around!

North Texas Giving Day set for September 14
North Texas Giving Day set for September 14
Support the Arlington Public Library during North Texas Giving Day! The 9th Annual North Texas Giving Day is back on September 14, 2017, and aims to set yet another national record. North Texas Giving...