Display Case & Exhibit Area Policy

Arlington Public Library exhibit spaces are for the primary purpose of promoting library resources and programs. The focus of these resources and programs is the advancement of reading as an educational, recreational, and cultural activity.

Full Policy including exhibit area application PDF, 78 KB

General Regulations

  1. Community groups, organizations, and individuals may be invited to loan materials for use in exhibit spaces.
  2. Items and materials are considered on loan to the library for the purpose of promoting library resources and programs.
  3. Library materials will be included as part of exhibit space.
  4. Exhibits will present a broad spectrum of opinion as well as a variety of viewpoints.  No exhibit can promote a political cause or be commercial advertising.
  5. The library assumes no responsibility for items on loan, nor can the library provide storage space for material left beyond the scheduled end of the exhibit period.
  6. Only handouts and brochures from federal, state, and local government agencies will be accepted for distribution to the public through library outlets.
  7. When necessary, final approval for exhibit space rests with Library Administration.
  8. All exhibit spaces are considered the property of the City of Arlington, Library Department.


  1. Supervisors are responsible for ensuring the full utilization of exhibit space within their section of the Library System. The intent should be that there never is an empty exhibit space.
  2. Each exhibit must have a theme and a title. The exhibit space should be attractive and colorful utilizing available library items and material. All loaned items will be identified with the name of the loaner and a description of the object.
  3. Library staff will create all exhibit placards and signs.
  4. Library patrons and staff will sign liability releases for personal items loaned for use. (Use the Application for Use of Exhibit Space).
  5. Library staff shall set-up and dismantle exhibit or shall assist a representative of an organization in the set-up and dismantling of an exhibit.
  6. All lenders of display items will be given a specific date by which they must retrieve all loaned materials.
  7. Specific calendar events shall be recognized in all Departmental Sections with an exhibit. These specific events will include dates pertaining to the following themes:  Black History Month and/or Martin Luther King, Hispanic Heritage Month, Asian-Americans, Middle Eastern, Native American, and Texas History as well as traditionally North American/northern European events. Others to consider are noted on the calendar below.


  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • Chinese New Year


  • President’s Day
  • Black History Month


  • Women’s History Month
  • Texas Independence/Fall of the Alamo


  • National Library Week


  • Asian and Pacific Americans Heritage Month
  • Cinco de Mayo


  • Summer Reading Club


  • Patriotism Month, including Flag Day through Independence Day and Parade


  •  Hispanic Heritage Month, including Diaz y Seis


  •  National Children’s Book Week
  •  Native American History Month
  •  Ramadan Dates change yearly


  • Hanukkah
  • Christmas
  • Kwanzaa
  • Arlington’s Celebration of Light

Reference titles to consult for additional ideas of holidays or events to emphasis include Chase’s Calendar of Events, Texas Book of Days and the Texas Almanac. The City of Arlington’s webpage will also provide timely information on community events.

Availibility of Exhibit Spaces

Exhibit spaces in any Arlington Public Library buildings are reserved for library related business, to promote use of the library or to announce service changes. In the event exhibit space is not scheduled for library use, the following provisions will apply:

  1. Exhibit spaces are scheduled no more than three months in advance. There is no automatic renewal for the same month next year; therefore, a group or individual should complete a new application if schedule a future exhibit.
  2. Library exhibit spaces are schedule at one-month intervals. Exhibitors should plan to leave items for a full month. Exhibits are limited to one month and may not remain beyond the scheduled time.
  3. Exhibitors should be prepared to install an exhibit on the first day of the month and to remove the exhibit on the last day of the month. The library will dispose of any items removed from an exhibit and not claimed within 4 weeks after the date the exhibit is removed from the case.
  4. All exhibits must be limited to the size of the case assigned. No items shall be displayed on the top of the case, nor on the floor or on the library walls near the case.
  5. Items on display in an exhibit space may not be posted “For Sale.”
  6. Exhibitors are hereby advised to avoid placing on display items of monetary value. Exhibitors place items for display at their own risk. There will be no payment for, or replacement of, items lost or damaged as a result of the items being on display at any Arlington Public Library location. Insurance coverage is not provided. If insurance coverage is desired, the exhibitor must make arrangements at exhibitor’s expense.