Donate Materials


Donations of books and audiovisual materials are gratefully accepted at all library locations. There are also red barrels for book donations at all Arlington Fire Stations.

All donations are assessed by library staff to determine if they are needed for the library’s collection. Materials not kept for the library are given to the Friends of the Arlington Public Library for their Spring and Fall book sales or recycled. Call your local branch library for more information.

Donate for eBooks!

Help stock our eBook and downloadable audiobook collections. Make a general donation or let us know which items you’d like to read next and we’ll do our best to purchase them for you (and others) to enjoy!

As a token of our appreciation, we’ll put you first on the list to receive the book(s) you fund!

Donate Materials for Friends Booksale

  • English or foreign language paperbacks and hardcovers in good or better condition.
  • English or foreign language audiobooks on CD or on tape.
  • DVDs that fall outside library collection development guidelines
  • Records free of scratches
  • Collectible items
  • Comic books
  • Paintings or other art graphics

Requested Materials for Library

  • Hardcover books in new or slightly used condition. Popular authors and non-fiction less than three years old are especially welcome.
  • Trade paperbacks of authors that are not published in hardcover form.
  • Audiovisual materials including DVDs, music CDs, and audiobooks on CD.
  • On a selective basis, older materials that would be useful in our local history and genealogy collection.

Other Popular Sale Items

  • Games
  • Puzzles (jigsaw, sudoko, crossword)
  • Records
  • DVDs
  • Blu Rays
  • CDs
  • Books on tape and CD
  • MP3s
  • Educational items for youth and adults
  • Postcards or greeting cards (unused)
  • Stuffed animals (clean and in good condition)
  • Paintings

We Cannot Accept

Please recycle the following items. If donated to the library, items in this category will be recycled and will NOT be added to the collection OR sent to the Friends for their book sale.

  • Paperbacks or hardbacks in poor condition: books that are soiled, torn, yellowed, mildewed, or with missing/loose pages
  • Reader’s Digest Condensed Books more than one year old
  • Music on tape or 8 track
  • Single audio tapes
  • VHS
  • DVDs, VHS, and Audiobooks on CD or tape that are missing components
  • Older Reference items such as almanacs over three years old
  • Books in the following subject categories over five years old:
    • Business
    • Technology and computers
    • Medicine
    • Parenting
    • Psychology
    • Science
  • Books in the following subject categories have different cut-off dates:
    • Computers: older than three years
    • Consumer Guides: older than three years
    • Encyclopedias: older than five years
    • Law books: older than one year
    • Reader’s Digest Condensed Books: older than one year
    • Income Tax Manuals: older than one year
    • Textbooks: older than five years
    • Travel Guides: older than five years; and
    • Vocational Study Guides: older than three years


We will accept the current and previous years of

  • Crafting
  • Cooking
  • Home
  • Smithsonian/History
  • Science
  • Highlights

We cannot accept

  • Weekly magazines (Time, Entertainment Weekly, etc.)
  • National Geographic
  • Any magazine older than two years

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