Meeting Room Usage Policy

Meeting Room Usage Policy Printable (PDF, 98 KB)


The meeting rooms in all Arlington Public Libraries facilities are primarily for the use of the Library System for programs that promote Library services, or by the City of Arlington for City sponsored events. The following policies do not apply to Library events, Library-sponsored events or City of Arlington events held in Library meeting rooms.

When a meeting room is not in use by the Library or a City department, the meeting rooms are available on a first come, first served basis to groups and organizations as specified in this document.  These uses are scheduled by a completed application, accompanied with payment covering the fees when applicable.

Use of the Library’s meeting rooms does not constitute Library or City of Arlington endorsement or approval of viewpoints expressed by participants in the program.  Advertisements or announcements implying such endorsement are not permitted.

  1. Meeting rooms of the Arlington Public Library are designed to meet general informational, educational, cultural, and civic purposes.
  2. Under the following guidelines, Library meeting rooms are available at times and locations that do not conflict with daily operations of the Library:
    1. No fee is charged for those attending the meeting
    2. No sale of goods or services or the solicitation for future sales or services will be permitted without prior Library Administration approval. “Solicitation” is any act or attempt to advertise, market, or sell any product or service or to seek membership in any organization, or to obtain a donation/contribution. This includes the collection of “free-will” offerings. Public property, such as City of Arlington buildings, facilities, parking lots, grounds and other real property, is held in trust for the public. It is to be used for governmental and public purposes and governmental property is not to be used for private gain.
    3. Library staff may be permitted to observe or monitor a meeting at any time.
  3. Meeting Room Usage Fees and availability guidelines are applied as follows:
    1. $20.00 Application Processing Fee per application for all Branch Library Community Rooms
    2. The Meeting Room application processing fee can be waived for the following groups:
      Non-profit groups with proof of non-profit status
      City of Arlington neighborhood associations that are registered with the Community Planning and Development’s Neighborhood Network
    3. The Branch Library Community Rooms are available to the public during all normal library business hours.
  4. Acceptable usage of the Library’s meeting rooms includes:
    1. Library sponsored activities and programs
    2. City of Arlington Department programs and meetings
    3. Civic, cultural, educational and informational programs
  5. Library public meeting rooms are not available for the following uses:
    1. Political campaign purposes (political forums are permitted)
    2. Weddings and/or showers
    3. Family reunions
    4. Individual and private parties
    5. Banquets
    6. Dances
    7. Commercial uses, i.e. where personal or business profits are the chief aim of the meeting
  6. To use library meeting rooms a paper or online meeting room application must be completed and the applicant must acknowledge that the y understand and will ensure compliance with the Meeting Room Policy is required for all reservations
  7. The following restrictions are applicable:
    1. The Library reserves the right to cancel a reservation in the case of an emergency closing. A full refund of any paid fees will be provided.
    2. Usage of any Library facility phone number as a contact phone number for the meeting/event scheduled, including but not limited to written, verbal, or internet, to promote the event is prohibited without prior approval by Library Administration. The Library will not serve as a point of information referral for patrons who may have questions regarding the meeting or who wish to contact the meeting organizers.
    3. Any printed or electronic publicity or marketing materials that include the Library’s name and address must include the disclaimer: “This event is not sponsored by the Arlington Public Library.”
    4. Prior to the use of a Library Meeting room, Library Administration reserves the right to review any signage, decorations, or literature to be displayed in the meeting room for compliance with the meeting room policy.
    5. No signage or decorations may be affixed to the walls, woodwork, ceiling, windows, or furniture using nails, thumbtacks,
      or staples. Usage of tape or other adhesives that do not remove cleanly or mar finishes are also not permitted.
    6. Decorating is permitted, but certain types of decorations are prohibited. Restrictions include, but are not limited to:
      •Burning Candles or incense, any type of open flame
    7. All signage, decorations or displays must be removed at the conclusion of the meeting.
    8. Per the City of Arlington Fire Department, attendees may not exceed the posted occupancy load for the meeting room as established by the City of Arlington Fire Marshal.
    9. Facility users are responsible for checking for posted fire exits and evacuation procedures.
  8. Upon arrival, the applicant must check with the Library Supervisor in Charge to gain access to the space and equipment and to ensure that the premises and/or equipment used are in good condition.
  9. Meetings will not generally be scheduled before or after Library hours. Group representatives may not enter Library buildings, nor will deliveries be accepted, before the regular opening time.
  10. The meeting room must be returned to the condition in which it was found and must be completely vacated prior to the posted closing time, unless prior arrangements have been made wit h the Library Supervisor.
  11. Upon completion of the meeting the applicant must check with the Library Supervisor in Charge to secure the space and equipment used and to ensure that the premises and/or equipment used are in as good a condition at the conclusion of the reservation.
  12. Use of optional equipment:
    1. The applicant will be required to leave a drivers license or photo ID with the Supervisor in Charge. The ID will be returned upon completion of the room use and confirmation that all equipment is present and in working order.
    2. Not all locations have the same items available for use, nor will equipment be transferred from one location to another. See application for equipment availability.
    3. Assistance with audio visual, internet access, and PC hardware/software is unavailable on items not supplied by the Library.
    4. Library equipment provided by the library is set up to “plug and play.” Acceptable connection methods are laptop, USB drive, CD-rom, or DVD. Basic connection cables will be available.
    5. Music or other audio must be limited in volume as to not disturb other library users.
  13. Library property stored in the meeting rooms shall not be removed or transferred to other areas.
  14. Applicant placing the reservation request is responsible for all reasonable repair or replacement cost for damage to the facility space, fixtures, or equipment utilized during the reservation.
  15. The Arlington Public Library reserves the right to revoke a reservation if the program or gathering is disruptive to the Library’s normal course of business, is in violation of the adopted Rules Governing the Use of the Library, or in violation of the guidelines set forth in this Meeting Room Policy
  16. Any equipment, furnishings, or belongings left by the applicant or those attending the meeting, shall be removed and placed in Library’s lost and found. These items will be discarded after 90 days. The Library is not responsible for any items left on Library premises. There will be no payment or replacement for items lost by the organization or those in attendance. Insurance coverage is not provided.
  17. Food or beverages may be served in all public use meeting rooms except the Administration Board room. Beverages must have
    covered containers. No alcoholic beverages are allowed.
  18. All Arlington Public Library System facilities are non-smoking.


  1. The person making the meeting room application shall be ALL of the following:
    1. A resident or property-owner of the City of Arlington or have a current full use non-resident card
    2. An Arlington Public Library card-holder, in good standing
    3. An authorized representative of the organization holding the meeting
    4. In attendance at the requested meeting
    5. Held accountable for restoring the room to setup condition and for any damages to the room or to Library equipment
  2. A paper or online meeting room application must be completed ( and applicant acknowledgement that they understand and will ensure compliance with the Meeting Room Policy is required for all reservations.
  3. Payment is due 72 hours before your meeting unless payment arrangements have been made.
    1. If payment is not received the room request is subject to cancellation.
    2. Applicable fees will be posted to the library account provided and a link to make a payment will be included in the acknowledgement email once the online reservation is processed and approved.
    3. See Section 2: Meeting Room Usage Fees for details.
  4. Applicant must contact the library location to cancel a reservation and to have any fees removed from the library account charged.
  5. Applicants may have three active reservations at any given time within the Library system.
    1. Standing reservations for monthly meetings may be scheduled for a three-month time period, weekly meetings may be scheduled for a one-month time period.
    2. Applicants may reapply for use of the room upon successful completion of any meeting during the initial reservation time block.

Approval and Exception

  1. Reservations are approved on a first come, first served basis.
  2. The Library Director shall have final authority regarding use of Library meeting rooms and/or cancellation or discontinuance of meeting room reservations.
The Arlington Public Library Meeting Room Policy can be found on the Library’s web site
Contact any Library location to have the policy and application mailed or faxed upon request.
Approved by Library Advisory Board; Adopted by the City Council 02/22/2011