Naming, Renaming or Dedicating Library Facilities

I. Purpose
To provide a formal process for the Library Advisory Board (LAB) of the City of Arlington to evaluate proposals for the naming/renaming or dedicating of library facilities. It is the intent of the LAB to review all requests for naming or dedicating, evaluate each request in accordance with the following guidelines, and provide recommendations to City Council concerning the naming of Library buildings, rooms or features within or outside Library buildings.

II. Process
To request a name for a specific Library building, room or feature within or outside the building such as a community room or a garden area, an applicant should submit a written request to the Library Advisory Board via the Library Department staff. Applicant may obtain a copy of the Library Naming Guidelines from Library Administration located at 101 W Abram. The application should clearly state the name of the requesting organization along with the name, address and phone number of a contact person. The request must include all information as stated in the guidelines below and verified by Library Department staff. Upon receipt of all information, the LAB will review the application and request any clarification as needed. The LAB will then have no less than one month (with the exception July and August) to reflect and consider the naming request before the item will be placed on the Board agenda for voting purposes. The Library Advisory Board reserves the right not to endorse a request to the City Council.

III. Guidelines for Naming/Renaming or Dedicating
A. Proposed names shall identify one of the following:
An adjacent street to the Library building;
Predominant physical features (such as lakes, rivers, creeks, etc.) in or adjacent to the park;
The subdivision in which the library is located;
A significant historic feature or event;
An individual or group who has made exceptional contributions to the City of Arlington with preference being given for contributions to library or literacy services. Exceptional contributions include:
Donating or contributing a significant amount for the construction and furnishing of the library.
Providing direct and significant volunteer services benefiting the public as a local or community leader.
B. The Board shall give special consideration to requests placed by the Arlington Public Library Foundation that may directly relate to contributions made to the Foundation for the purpose of improving and enriching the construction, furnishings or equipment of the Library facility.
C. Persons currently holding a local elected office or serving on the Library Advisory Board may not be considered for naming.
IV. Procedures for Naming/Renaming or Dedicating
A. Individuals or organizations shall submit a written nomination for library names along with justification to the Library Advisory Board. The nomination shall include:
Reasons for the proposed name or dedication;
Evidence of community support for the proposed name or dedication;
Petitions, if submitted, must state the intent and include printed names, signatures, addresses, zip codes and telephone numbers of each signer as proof of residency.
All of the above must be submitted to the LAB for review.
B. The Library Advisory Board shall:
review the nomination in accordance with Section III of the guidelines;
research, review and study the supporting documentation; and
forward recommendations to the City Council for review.