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Teen Lit

Led by the creator of the DFW Brave New Voices Youth Slams and “Poetry Slam Master” himself, Mike Guinn, this workshop aims to empower teens through poetry and spoken word!Join other teens for a 12-week program in which participants will explore various literary works of artists ranging from classical poets such as Maya Angelou and Edgar Allen Poe, to modern songwriters such as Tupac and Iggy.

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Beats, Poetry, and Rhymes

A branch from our Teen Lit program, this poetry workshop is catered to all aspiring rappers and hip hop enthusiasts! Each week, teens will experiment with different rhyme schemes, deliveries, as well as develop their own original raps to “spit” or perform over the mic in a judgment-free setting!In addition to performing, teens will also analyze meanings of certain song lyrics written by today’s popular rap artists, as well become familiar with the works of “emcees” and producers of the past.

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Open Mic Night

Whether your thing is singing, rapping, poetry, dancing, telling jokes, or whatever else you think will keep us entertained… we want to see what you can do! This is NOT a contest, just good vibes and fun!Not planning on performing? (You’ll probably change your mind) No worries, just sit back, relax, and get ready for another awesome evening to remember!

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Night Owls: Creative Writing Club for Teens

Are you a night owl? Do you do your best writing in the evening? Join other night owls once a week in our new location as we stretch our imaginations with exercises to help each other through the creative writing process. We’ll use prompts and other techniques to get our creativity flowing. Feel free to bring any of your writing with you.

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Writing for Hollywood

Writers, don’t wait for someone else to turn YOUR idea into their hit series or movie! With today’s software, learning how to write your own blockbuster screenplay has never been easier. Hey, we’ll not only teach you how to tailor your script to the industry’s standard, but also teach you guys techniques on how to pitch your story to a producer! This is creative writing… but with a Hollywood flavor!

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Filmmaking Workshop for Teens

Making a film takes an army, which is why we’re calling all aspiring directors, writers, camera operators, editors, actors/ actresses, and all other teen creative for this awesome filmmaking workshop! Here, teens will learn the basics of film production, and will be challenged to apply that knowledge into their own short film projects!

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Photography Workshop for Teens

Don’t you think it’s time to expand your photo portfolio beyond “selfies?” Learn to shoot more like a pro in this hand-on photography workshop. Whether you’re a newbie, or already have some experiencing capturing and editing photos, this workshop will give you give you access to models, resources, and you’ll need to pull of your own unique photo shoot!

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Teen Book Club

Get together with friends, meet new people, and explore titles that will spark great conversations with the Teen Zone Book Club! Every Thursday, talk about you’re reading, hear what others recommend, and check out that amazing book you’ve been meaning to read!Kindles are available for check-out with pre-loaded books the group will be reading and discussing. Fun writing exercises will also be included during the club to get teens to bring some creativity and out-of-the-box thinking to the group.

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Go Center

The GO Center is an outreach program created by inspirED to ensure students have access to higher education. At a GO Center, trained staff are available to assist with questions related to higher education, including college admission, sign-ups for SAT/ACT tests, finding applicable scholarships, assisting with financial aid (FASFA), financial literacy, and career exploration.

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Japan Day

Whether it’s meeting a voice actor from FUNimation, playing anime jeopardy, doing crafts and learning different aspects of Japanese culture such as: making teru teru bozu dolls, kokeshi dolls, origami, learning Japanese, singing some Japanese children’s songs, cosplaying, or just talking about your favorite anime and manga with other teens; just know you’ll always have fun and make new friends at the Arlington Library’s monthly program, Japan Otaku Day, where we celebrate all things fandom! Don’t worry, we learn some things too! *wink, wink*

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Daytime Drama Club

Perform and learn with other drama lovers. Drama Club will feature theater games, improvisation and other fun activities!

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