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Monday Mania

Come to East Arlington Branch Library to play games, hang out with friends, and use your personal account to build your Minecraft world!

Importance of Minecraft

Giving players the opportunity to build using blocks, stone, wood and even lava, Minecraft is definitely a computer game that provides ample opportunity for learning and intellectual stimulation. Minecraft hones player’s ability to engineer complex buildings, but there is also a survival aspect as well. Players must beat inclement weather and adverse landscapes in order to work together to achieve a common goal—and say out of the way of enemy mobs. More and more teachers are using Minecraft in the classroom to teach not only computer literacy but also impart valuable STEM skills- students must use science, technology, engineering and math in order to become Minecraft masters!

For more information on Minecraft, go to their main website  or the Minecraft-sponsored wiki. If you are a parent/teacher needing some more information about the educational aspects of the game here are two great articles from blogger, MineMum, and the more mainstream press, The Atlantic.

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In Mindstorm Robotics we use LEGO Mindstorm NXT kits to explore engineering, visual programming, problem solving, creativity, and teamwork. Each team will build a robot using the kits and follow directions from the instructor to achieve an objective.

The library offers Mindstorm Robotics programs on Thursdays and a Beginner and Intermediate semester-long robotics program for ages 10 to 18 on Fridays.

All of our Robotics programs require registration.

Check our calendar for the next Robotics registration.

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Legos are a fun way to creatively play and learn a variety of concepts. Lego Club uses the Lego WeDo and StoryStarter kits for a variety of activities involving imagination and construction play. Activities will range from building and programming simple Lego models to creative writing using Lego bricks and minifigures. While playing with Legos, participants will use their engineering, math, science, and literacy skills.

Lego We Do kits are an excellent foundation for children interested in participating in the library’s Robotics classes.

Check our calendar for the next registration time!