Video Borrower Guidelines

1. In order to borrow DVDs or Blu-Rays, patrons who are seventeen or younger must have the consent of their parent or legal guardian indicated on the Borrower Card Application that the parent or guardian signs.

2. Ten DVDs or Blu-Rays may be “out” on a patron’s card at any given time.

3. The check out period for these materials is SEVEN DAYS.

4. The LATE CHARGE for DVDs and Blu-Rays is $0.25 PER DAY.

6. DVDs and Blu-Rays MAY BE RETURNED IN THE BOOK DROP WHEN THE LIBRARY IS CLOSED.To avoid a late fee, the material must be returned prior to the opening of the Library on the next business day. PLEASE make sure that DVDs are secured properly in their case.

7. Patrons are responsible for the cost of replacement of any Library material that is lost or damaged while in their possession.

9. DVDs and Blu-Rays may be returned to any Arlington Public Library location.

10. Duplication of these types of materials may be a violation of copyright law.

11. The Library is not responsible for any additions or other alterations to the original video.

12. The Library will not be responsible for any damage to a patron’s equipment that may be caused by using the borrowed item.


14. DVDs and Blu-Rays can be damaged if played on equipment not functioning properly.

DVD and Blu-Ray Circulation to Children and Students Guidelines
Students (ages thirteen through seventeen) may borrow videos rated PG-13, PG, or GENERAL, contingent on parental approval as stipulated by the parent/guardian on the Library Borrower Card Application

Children who are twelve years old or younger and whose parents have agreed to an unrestricted card may borrow videos, rated PG, or GENERAL, contingent on parental approval as stipulated by the parent/guardian on the Library Borrower Card Application.

For the child whose parent or guardian has chosen the restricted card, the child’s borrowing privileges will continue to be restricted to the children’s collection. These choices are made at the time of application for the child’s library card. Subsequent changes will require the parent to fill out a new application for the child.

For several years, it has been the goal of the library to build a collection of visual and electronic materials covering a wide range of educational topics. We will continue to emphasize our commitment to building a collection that is educational and informational in content. This emphasis has made the collection a learning resource that can be of considerable value to students.

As a consequence of this emphasis on educational and informational videos, the library’s collection now contains many items of this type that cost considerably more than the price of a book. Thus, the loss or damage of these types of materials can result in a financial obligation well in excess of the cost for loss or damage of a book. In addition, the fine for late return of DVDs and Blu-Rays is $.25 for each day they are not returned after the seven day loan period. Therefore, it is reasonable that the requirement of parental approval for juveniles to borrow these types of materials is necessary from the standpoint of both the Library and the parents of juveniles.