The Arlington Public Library is launching a community archive project to document past Juneteenth celebrations in the City of Arlington and surrounding cities. The Library is asking for photos, letters, and other items related to the celebration of Juneteenth for scanning or to be photographed for the collection.  Documenting Juneteenth celebrations is the stated focus, but we welcome any items that help us better preserve and tell the story of Arlington’s Black history. 

For more information please contact Mark Dellenbaugh, Genaology and Local History Librarian at or call 817-459-6795.

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Participant Release Form

This Agreement is made and entered into by and between the City of Arlington through the Arlington Public Library (hereinafter called “City”) and "Participant".

Participant agrees to donate to the City a recorded interview and/or agrees to participate by allowing the digitization (the creation of digital copies) of their artifacts and by sharing personal/family stories about their artifacts and their meaning. This Agreement relates to any and all materials (including any reproductions or digital representations) originating from their participation, hereinafter collectively called "the Work.” In consideration of the mutual covenants, conditions and terms set forth below, the parties hereto hereby agree as follows:

• Interviewee irrevocably assigns to the City all his or her present and future copyright, title, and interest in and to the Work, including the right to reproduce such materials in copies of the audio cassette, printed form, video, phono-records, on the Internet, and/or successor technologies, to distribute copies (in the aforementioned forms) to the public, to perform or display the work publicly, to prepare derivative works thereof, and to have others do so for research purposes. This assignment applies to the Library, its successors, and assigns, for and during the existence of the copyright and all renewals and extensions thereof.

• By virtue of the assignment, City will have the right to use the Work for any research, education, or any other purpose that the Library may deem appropriate.

• The Participant understands that he/she will receive no remuneration or compensation for the information or artifacts he/she provides.