Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Brighten your day and your home with a DIY Scent Shaker. This craft makes a natural, non-electric diffuser out of a clear glass salt or pepper shaker. These personal-sized diffusers are perfect for home, offices or other small rooms. If you don’t have an empty salt or pepper shaker, try upcycling an old spice container after cleaning it out with soap and water.  


  • Empty, Clear Glass Salt or Pepper Shaker   

  • 5-10 drops of Preferred Fragrance or Essential Oil  

  • Round Cotton Pad, like those used for makeup removal  

  • Small, decorative Vase/Bottle Fillers (Glass Stones or Pebbles, Colored Beads or Pom-Poms, etc.)  


  • Pour your chosen vase/bottle fillers into the shaker right up to the top, but not beyond.   

  • Drip 5 –10 drops of your preferred scented oil onto the surface of the round cotton pad. (Add more if you don’t find the scent strong enough).  

  • Insert cotton pad into the lid of the shaker with the oil scented surface pressed directly to the holes in the shaker’s lid. The cotton pad should be bunched up to ensure all of the pad fits into the lid.   

  • Take the shaker lid and place it on top of the filled main compartment and screw it shut, taking care that the lid is securely in place.  
  • You are finished! Place the Scent Shaker on a tabletop and enjoy.  

The scented oil will last for a few days to a week before drying out. You can drop more oil onto the cotton pad for 1-2 more times if using the same scent. Use a new cotton pad after a few reapplications or each time you want to use a different scent.  

Tip: Create a custom scent by adding a combination of different scents to the cotton pad at the same time.  

Bonus Tip: If you are not using a clear salt or pepper shaker, you can use a plain material like rice or shredded paper to fill the bottom of the container to hold the cotton pad in place in the shaker lid.