Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Are you wondering how to make your own cloth face mask? We’re here for you with a simple tutorial to make custom masks for you and your loved ones! If you have multiple fabric options at home, this tutorial is a great way to show your personality. 


  • Cotton Fabric. A tightly woven cotton fabric without stretch, like quilting fabric, is recommended. 

  • A t-shirt, ribbon, or elastic  

  • Scissors 

  • Thread 

  • A sewing machine or a hand sewing needle  


Measurements. Face and head sizes are different, so you may need to experiment with your sizing! 

  • Small masks: two 11’’x6’’ pieces of fabric and two 1’’x20’’ pieces of t-shirt material, ribbon, or elastic 

  • Large masks: two 12’’x8’’ pieces of fabric and two 1’’x30’’ pieces of t-shirt material, ribbon, or elastic  

*If you are using t-shirt material pull both ends of your material to create a string shape 


  1. Stack the two pieces of fabric together. Fold over the long side 1/4 of an inch and then again to create a rolled hem. Iron along the edge so that it stays in place.

  2. Sew down to create a hem. Repeat this with the other side. 

  3. For the lateral sides fold over 1/2 of an inch and sew to create a tube.

  4. Use your ribbon, t-shirt material, or elastic and pull it through the lateral tubes using a bobby pin, needle, or even a pen.

  5. Tie the ribbon, t-shirt material, or elastic behind your ears to wear your mask.