Sunday, September 01, 2019

Children of all ages are curious about their world, and one of the best ways children learn is through play. Parents and caregivers can support their children’s learning in free library events full of imagination, fun activities, and personal interactions. Beginning in September 2019, parents can also use the Library’s digital calendar or print materials to easily find which skills are strengthened in each event.

The American Academy of Pediatrics finds play supports a child’s physical, emotional, social and intellectual growth, yet today’s kids have less time and fewer opportunities to play than any previous generation.

This fall, the Library is focusing on fun ways to learn six categories of skills for children from birth to age 12. From infants to junior high students, there are resources and events for the following skills. Click on any link to see events on the Library’s online calendar.

Children’s events are also labelled by icon in the Library’s fall event brochure. Pick up a copy at any location while supplies last to see what children will learn at each event, or click here to see a digital copy.

“Play is vital for a child’s learning and we encourage many different ways to play and learn,” says Library Services Manager Bethany Fort. “We hope offering information about what children learn in our events empowers parents to be involved in their family’s learning from the beginning.”

Click here to learn more about play at the Library.