Thursday, May 14, 2020

Have some duct tape at home? Scissors? And maybe a safety pin or two? Then you have all you need to make your own snazzy bowtie or tie. Duct tape has long been an alternative for the traditional bowtie and tie during prom season. During Library Goes to Prom 2020, take part in this fun tradition by making your own accessories. As a bonus, you can make one for your pet for our Pet Prom Promenade. (Don't forget to DM us a picture of your pet by Thursday, May 14 to participate!)

Materials for a DIY duct tape bowtie:

Duct tape in a color or pattern of your choosing



Safety pin (or whichever way you choose to fasten the bowtie to you)

Directions for a DIY duct tape bowtie:

  1. Lay out your duct tape next to your ruler. For a regular bowtie, cut about two strips of 4.5 inches of duct tape.
  2. Pull out about 1” of duct tape. Make sure the height is no longer than the safety pin you will use.
  3. Line up one piece of your 4.5” duct tape to the other 4.5” and place it over so that the non-sticky sides are on the outside. Trim the excess tape and set it aside.
  4. Create an accordion fold with your larger duct tape by holding the tape straight and pressing down in the middle. You can fiddle with it so that the creases are visible. This will become your bow.
  5. Use your smaller piece of duct tape to wrap around the fold in the middle. Leave a little space for your safety pin to go through later.
  6. Use your excess tape to tape your duct tape closed.
  7. If you are using a safety pin, you can stick the back through the back of the bow tie. Alternatively, you can hot-glue the safety pin to the back of the bowtie.
  8. Enjoy your bowtie!


Materials for a DIY duct tape tie:

Duct tape in a color or pattern of your choosing



  1. Lay out your duct tape. The length should be about four feet long. You can eyeball this if you do not have a measuring stick that long or you can compare the length to an actual tie.
  2. Flip one of the duct tape strips so that the sticky side is face-up.
  3. Fold the edges up at an angle starting at about ⅓ of the tape from the left side. You should be folding about ⅔ of your duct tape inwards.
  4. Flip your other duct tape strip over so that the sticky side is faceup. Take your folded duct tape strip and place it over the non-folded strip with the sticky-side facedown.
  5. Fold in the tape on the bottom layer.
  6. Cut off the end and top of the tie to create pointy ends. How sharp you want the ends to be is up to you.
  7. Your tie is complete! Tie it the way you would tie a normal tie. You can look at this video for how to tie a tie in the Winchester knot, as pictured below.