Thursday, October 27, 2022

Based on citizen feedback, the Arlington Public Library is taking steps to make sure that parents can easily determine what materials their children can check out. In this new model, a parent or guardian can select any access level for their child; it is no longer pre-determined by their age. The ages listed below are provided as a guide to illustrate the intended age range of the materials in a collection. Existing access levels have been reclassified as follows:

Full Access: This access level allows patrons to check out all materials and use all services. All patrons ages 18 and older are automatically given full access. Parents can grant this access level to their children if desired.

Teen Restricted Access: With this level of access, patrons can check out Juvenile (ages 0-12) and Young Adult (ages 13-17) materials and access public computers and study rooms. No patron is ever automatically assigned to this access level. Parents or guardians can opt their children into this access level.

Child Restricted Access: This level of access allows patrons to check out Juvenile materials (ages 0-12) and access Juvenile public computers. All patrons under 18 years old are automatically assigned to Child Restricted Access. Parents or guardians can elect to increase their children’s access beyond this level if desired, but access level changes will never occur automatically based on age.

As noted above, every patron under 18 years of age will automatically be assigned to Child Restricted Access. Parents and guardians can change that permission level to Teen or Full Access by visiting their local branch or our website here.