Our library system is structured into three divisions: Cataloging & Technology Services, Operations & Facility Management, and Program Management & Community Engagement. Our neighborhood branches and our new Downtown Library are vital community hubs that provide much more than free books and materials. Each team plays a different role, but all are vital to our work promoting literacy.


CATS in the Library

The Cataloging and Technology Services division works with Library's books and other materials as well as our technology. CATS selects and orders every book, DVD, CD, magazine, toy, audiobook, digital resource, and all the other materials you can use at the library. They handle all the library's technology, ranging from children's tablets to the public computers at every branch to the cutting-edge equipment in the new Downtown Library. CATS staff also include the library's communications and graphic design team.

Staff in Action

CATS staff and volunteers taking a break from packing for the new Downtown Library.

OFM in the Library

The Operations and Facilities Management division is responsible for all seven of the Library's locations, including the Downtown Library and all the branches. Visit any of our locations and see OFM staff at our Help Desks, shelving your items, managing the branch, and generally making everything run smoothly!

Staff in Action

PMCE in the Library

The Program Management and Community Engagement division handles live events and community outreach. They offer something for everyone, from storytime for newborns to arts classes for seniors. Whether you're looking for fun festivals, adult education classes, STEM events, book clubs, or something else, PMCE is likely to provide it--all free to the public.

Staff in Action

Administration in the Library

The Library's administration team manages the work we do as a system. They interface with City leadership, work with third-party partners, apply for private grant funding, and handle all the paperwork and red tape.