Mindstrom LEGO Robotics Harry Potter COS Lego


In Mindstorm Robotics we use LEGO Mindstorm NXT kits to explore engineering, visual programming, problem-solving, creativity, and teamwork. Each team will build a robot using the kits and follow directions from the instructor to achieve an objective.

The library offers Mindstorm Robotics programs on Thursdays and a Beginner and Intermediate semester-long robotics program for ages 10 to 18 on Fridays.

All of our Robotics programs require registration.


Legos are a fun way to creatively play and learn a variety of concepts. Lego Club uses the Lego WeDo and StoryStarter kits for a variety of activities involving imagination and construction play. Activities will range from building and programming simple Lego models to creative writing using Lego bricks and minifigures. While playing with Legos, participants will use their engineering, math, science, and literacy skills.

Lego We Do kits are an excellent foundation for children interested in participating in the library’s Robotics classes.


The Arlington Public Library was awarded the Best Buy Community Development grant in 2016 and has used these funds to purchase 24 Sphero robots. Sphero robots look like no other robot you have ever seen; they are created by the same company who brought us the adorably personable BB-8 from the new Star Wars franchise. The library is using them to engage with Arlington citizen of all ages to introduce them to STEM programs and fun.

Sphero robots are durable, with a hard, waterproof case that prevents breakage.  They are a clear sphere, so the computer within giving them the ability to roll around can be easily seen. There are no small pieces and no assembly is required. The challenge is in coding them to navigate them through mazes, swim in small pools and roll up and down bridges.


Code is the computer language used to program your favorite apps and websites. Code can seem like a mystery that only those who know the most about computers can figure out. Thankfully, that’s not true! Thanks to user-friendly computer programs like Scratch and PencilCode, learning to code can be approachable and even fun.

Throughout the year, the library will lead programs at branches across Arlington that will introduce coding to patrons of all ages.