Welcome to Embroidering


Welcome to this introduction learning how to machine embroider. The Brother Embroidery Machine is a smart digitizing machine that can create a variety of designs from the simple to the intricate. These instructions will introduce the basics of using the Embroidery machine and demonstrate how to upload an image, how to load the machine, and tell the machine to start to embroider the image. The materials needed will be a standard stabilizer, fabric, thread and an embroidery hoop. Please note that depending on the design you cut, you may need to repeat these steps.   

To Begin
  • To begin, make sure the embroidery machine has the cable attached to it used for power—we keep them in the little cabinet.
  • Flip the power switch to on
  • Before threading the machine, make sure the bobbin is in it’s placed down at the bottom, threaded, and set properly—follow the arrows as a guide
Video Tutorial
Threading the Bobbin
  • Should the bobbin need threading, place it on the little bobbin pedestal and follow the numbers located at the top of the machine (under the lid) pay close attention to the cross-section.
  • Make sure you wind it up a couple times to get it started.
  • Warning if done incorrectly, it won’t work.
  • A little window should appear on the screen and you will push start. It will click out of place when it’s finished.
  • The machine is a self-threading machine—simply push the button on the far right gray button and looks like a thread going through a needle.
Video Tutorial
Preparing Fabric
  • We need to prepare our fabric of choice. To secure it we are going to need to use some stabilizer. Secure the place on the fabric that you want by laying it on top of the stabilizer and then put it in the embroidery hoop. To do this, separate the two pieces of the hoop and place the fabric/stabilizer combo into it! Then, re-attach the other half by lining up the arrows.
  • Unlock the embroidery arm—just pull the lever toward you and connect the hoop by sliding it into place. Make sure you lock it back! Again, if done improperly it will not work.
  • Note: The machine will tell you when something is wrong. A pop-up window will appear that states the problem that needs to be corrected.
Picking Design
  • Once the hoop is in place, the arm will begin to move, and it’s time to pick our design.  Please select the “embroidery edit” option.
  • Peruse through the multiple preloaded designs from flowers to fonts and many other designs.
  • Once you picked a design press the “set” button and you can adjust the size and rotation by pressing…size…or rotation.
  • When it is to your liking press the Embroider and the machine will create your design project.
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