Heat Press Overview

5 in 1 multi-functional heat press machine, the machine body is made of carbon steel for high-intensity collision resistance. The high-quality stainless steel heating plate features high efficient in preserving heat. 

Currently only making T-shirts and using vinyl material on this machine.

Heat Press Steps
  • Heat presser is to be set to the temperature of 300
  • The timer should be set on 15 seconds
  • Vinyl should be cut and ready to transfer on the t-shirt
  • Align the vinyl to the exact spot you’d want it to be
  • Put transfer tape over the vinyl
  • Lay the shirt onto the flat platen, then slide the platen onto the heat presser bed
  • Press the arrow up on the Timer side to start the timer, then press down the heat presser and hold till time is up
  • Let it cool down for at least 15 seconds
  • Peel the transfer tape off the t-shirt, as you peel, the clear tape that was on the vinyl should come off as well
  • Lay the platen with the shirt back on the heat presser bed. Set the time to 30 seconds, for the second press
  • Repeat the same steps from before and do not wash the t-shirt within 24 hours