Friends & Foundation of Arlington Public Library

Most libraries exist because of funding from public sources, but it is private funds that make the difference between “good” and “great” library systems. As a non-profit organization, the Friends and Foundation of the Arlington Public Library provides a source of financial assistance to the Arlington Public Library through the solicitation of tax-deductible contributions from private sources. Our goal is to provide an outstanding library for the people of Arlington.


Funds are also raised for the library through semi-annual book sales, Book & Author luncheons, and other special events.

Fall Book and Author Luncheon: October 26, 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
This fall’s luncheon features Joyce Gibson Roach, author of The Land of Rain and Shadow: Horned Toad, Texas, and Clay Small, author of Heels Over Head. Tickets are required and are available online until October 16.

Join Us

Show your support of the Arlington Public Library by joining the Friends and Foundation. Memberships start at just $20. Benefits include The Bookcase newsletter, discounts and special Members Only admission at each book sale, and invitations to the Annual Meeting and Dinner.

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Capital Campaign for our New Downtown Library


The Friends of the Arlington Public Library began in 1987. The Arlington Public Library Foundation was established in 1993. The two nonprofit support organizations merged in October 2016 to form the Friends & Foundation of the Arlington Public Library.

Members of the Board

    • Mary Bane
    • Mike Becknal
    • Ruthie Brock
    • Joe Bruner
    • Michael Bucek
    • Kathy Delaney
    • Cathy Dietz
    • Cindy Goodyear
    • Jack Goodyear
    • Leigh Graviss
    • Claudia Gray, Library Advisory Board
    • Suzanne Groves
    • Nancy Hadaway, Events Chair
    • Candy Halliburton
    • Wayne Halliburton
    • Nancy Hester, Membership Chair
    • Carole Hoyer, Vice Chair
    • Jewel Hugo
    • Bob Johnson, Immediate Past Chair
    • Mary Johnson
    • Prem Kohli
    • Bill Lace, Public Awareness Chair
    • Lorraine Levine
    • Jo McGovern
    • Karen Norton, Book Sale Chair
    • Scott Reading, Fundraising Chair
    • Dorothy Rencurrel, Chair
    • Cynthia Stamper
    • Demi Stewart
    • Polly Walton, Treasurer & Finance Chair
    • Jeanine Werberig, Secretary
    • Linda Wise
    • Craig Young
    • Sarah Merrill Young

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PO Box 90231
Arlington, TX 76004-3231