We focus on Early Learning to encourage children to become lifelong readers and learners. We have many resources available to caretakers to support learning and early development.

Early Learning Locations
Throughout the Arlington Public Library, there are special areas set aside to help early learnings grow through play.
Read It Again Kits Educational Kits
They are themed kits full of educational toys and games, DVDs, CDs, puppets, and of course, books! We have kits about favorite authors, shapes, letters, numbers, animals, princesses, cars, seasons, monsters, holidays, and many more! All of our kits are themed to enhance your child’s enjoyment of learning.
Early Learning Technology
Age appropriated technology that is an engaging and language-rich experience. The library’s technology for kids can promote early learning.
Storytimes help parents foster a lifelong love of books and reading in their children. Storytime is not only fun for children, but also informative and engaging for the parents who attend with them.